Sunday, June 10, 2012

Make your own Stickers

I love stickers, especially personalized, handmade stickers. So when I found an idea for DIY stickers in this cute little magazine:

I was excited and eager to try it out.

It's very simple, requires few ingredients, and is a quick and convenient way to make your own stickers.
So for starters, pick out whatever paper you want to use and a hole puncher for the shape that you want your stickers to be. I used some cute cardstock that I had on hand as well as a heart hole puncher that I had purchased at Michaels. You could also be more elaborate and use an Xacto knife or scissors to cut out your design, but I just wanted a simple heart. :P

Now, cut out your shapes! I only made two stickers, but it would be just as easy to make a whole ton! :P

Then, you need to gather the following things:

  • White Vinegar
  • White Glue (such as Elmer's)
  • A bowl
  • A spoon
  • A paintbrush

Now, the magazine said to combine equal parts of white glue and white vinegar into a bowl. I used a spoonful of each, which ended up being wayyy more than plenty for my two stickers. So combine the two ingredients and stir until the mixture becomes milky and somewhat thin.

Finally, once it's been mixed enough, grab your paint brush and the paper pieces that you cut or punched out earlier. Dip the brush into the milky mixture of glue and vinegar, and liberally smear a thin-medium amount of it onto the backside of your paper. Wait about ten or fifteen minutes, depending on how thickly you applied the glue-vinegar mixture. You just want it to be wet or moist, but not soaked. My stickers were still flimsy when I applied them to the card, and they worked fine. So in short, the drying time isn't an essential and precise part of the process. :P

I didn't have anything special in mind for these guys, so I tested them on a plain piece of white copy paper. I folded the paper in half to represent a card, then I placed one sticker on the front of the card and used the other sticker to close and seal the card. They held up well and they didn't soak the paper, so all in all, I was very pleased! :D

So there ya have it, a simple way to make your own stickers. I might use this idea again soon for some cool gift wrapping for my little cousin's birthday... who knows? <3 :) God bless! Have a great day! And thanks for reading!

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  1. Such a cute DIY ! Thanks for sharing :)

    Kisses sweetie,


    1. Thank you bunches! And you're welcome! :] <3

  2. Hi Maranda!
    These are cute, cute! I love the papers! Such nice colors. Thanks so much for stopping by Taking Time To Create on Friday and commenting on my Father's Day "Dad" mug!

    Erin :-)

    1. Thank you so much! <3 And anytime! I loved your post! :P

  3. Love this DIY! :)

    Did you keep the extra mixture for later use? Could it possibly keep in the fridge?


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