Sunday, September 30, 2012

Walking Dead Pendant

I love The Walking Dead, especially Daryl Dixon (portrayed by Norman Reedus).  Therefore, I decided to make a necklace pendant inspired by him.  Want to make your own awesome necklace?  If so, I'll show you how in this tutorial.

{Can you tell that I love Starbucks?}

On to the Tutorial! (click on the images to enlarge them.)

1. Gather your materials.
  • Your picture (This is how I edited my picture to look the way that it does)
  • Hole Punch
  • Scissors or Paper Cutter
  • Corner cutter if you so desire
  • Jump Ring
  • Pliers for the Jump Ring
  • Mod Podge Dimensional Magic (or some other form of raised resin/enamel)

Other information:
-I printed my picture with an inkjet printer onto good quality card stock.
-Make sure to measure it before printing so that it comes out the size that you want it to be. [If I hadn't fixed the size for mine, my pendant would have been about five inches wide instead of approximately two inches.]

{Please ignore the lame photo setup here, I was in a hurry and my puppy wouldn't allow me to actually plan out my pictures.}

2. Print and cut your picture.

 Have fun with this step.  You could use a shaped punch to cut your pendant, or go with a geometric shape.  I decided to do a plain rectangle with rounded edges.  Plus, be sure to punch a hole in your pendant for the jump ring!

3. Lay on the Mod Podge Dimensional Magic. (or other raised resin/enamel)

Don't be stingy here!  Lay on plenty of this stuff.  Then, wait for it to dry- about 3 hours in my case.  After that, you could turn it over and cover the other side, but I decided that only the front needed to be covered.

4. Once your pendant is dry, use pliers to add the jump ring.

5. Take your new pendant to Starbucks to show it off!

Romans 15:1 "We who are strong ought to bear with the failings of the weak and not to please ourselves."

-Copyright: the Starbucks logo is not mine.


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