Friday, October 12, 2012

A more detailed me.

I am Maranda.
{The above picture was taken during my Junior year in high school, 2011-2012.}

I am 18 years old- a senior in high school.
I don't wear make-up.
I rarely ever style my hair.
I cannot wait to graduate and move on to college.
I am not sure which career I wish to pursue.
Art is my passion, but I have been told by many that I am too smart to not go into a math/science field.
So, I am conflicted on my own.
Instead, I am letting God choose my path.

(this is my purity ring.)
I am a Christian, abstinent girl.
 I love my Lord Jesus Christ, as well as a wide variety of things.
Animals, Art, Crafting, Photography.
The list goes on.
My favorite thing right now is the Walking Dead.

I adore animals with all of my heart.
I think that God created me so that I can help them.
They have no voice, so I will have a voice for them.
I volunteer at the Animal Control in my county, and I dream of doing everything I can for the animals there.
Some of them were confiscated from their homes due to abuse.
Others found as strays.
Others were relinquished by their owners.
No matter the reason, these animals are in the shelter.
And they need our help.
Our attention.
Our love.
My most recurring prayer is for animals.
After all, our God is the God of Love.
Jesus is the Prince of Peace.
Who would be better to bring love, rest, and protection to these animals?
With God's assistance, I hope to continue to provide sustenance and care to them.
Not only that.
But I wish to improve all of those things.
I want to eventually build a better building- with painted walls, and more activities for the cats.
I want the shelter to feel like a home for these animals.
Not just a roof overhead with food and water.
Don't get me wrong; the shelter is nice.
There are plenty of shelves for the cats to climb and sleep on- as well as toys and scratching posts.
But it could be better.
So I pray that God will help me to accomplish all of these things.

I have changed a lot since I started this blog near the end of my Junior year in high school.
I've lost my best friend, gone through a lot of pain and confusion, and learned a lot about myself.
So far, I haven't discovered why I have this blog.
I don't know if it's to share crafty ideas, to express my thoughts and interests, or just to socialize.
I have big dreams for this blog, but I am a rather slow person.
So for now, it is a work in progress- in a visual manner as well as a contextual one.
Please excuse the lack of stylish little touches in my blog for a while. c:

 There is so much going on my life, good and bad.
Some times, I struggle with an overwhelming depression.
Some times, I'm insecure.
Other times, I'm overconfident.
I don't often let people into my heart for fear that I will lose them.
I don't follow the crowd; I follow God.
In the end, everything that happens brings me closer to God.

{by the way, I have a slight Starbucks obsession.}
I don't even drink coffee, but I practically live at Starbucks.
I could survive on nothing but their hot chocolate.

  I know that this blog is not famous.
I whole-heartedly appreciate every pageview I receive, and every comment that is published.
Thank you for your support. <3

For some more basic information about me, visit This is me.

Romans 12:9 "Love must be sincere.  Hate what is evil; cling to what is good."

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  1. continue to find strength in God,He will guide you to your true path in life
    ,He has saved me from the darkness!


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