Sunday, September 16, 2012

Reasons that I'm happy

For starters, I got to visit a new park before school the other day.  I love parks.

 I got to play with my beagle babe before school.

 I am totally in love with this outfit of mine.

 I got to see the big pink elephant on my way to school Friday.  Funny story about Friday: I pulled into the second parking lot (where I usually go) and there were no cars there.  So I drove to the other side, and there were no cars there either.  So I called my mom only to find out that I didn't have school that day.  But it worked out well, because I got to have Starbucks for breakfast.

I also got to see some balloons in the sky, which totally made my day.

 All in all, the Lord has really blessed my life.  So I decided to whip up this picture in Photoshop to glorify Him.

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