Sunday, October 7, 2012

Easy Pumpkin Shirt

Just in time for Halloween, I decided to craft a quick and easy shirt inspired by the festive expression of a jack-o-lantern.

Kady, however, doesn't seem to to be too enthusiastic about the shirt...

Check out this tutorial so you can make one, too! It's super easy, I promise. c:

1. Gather your supplies:
  • a shirt (got mine from Michael's; it was on sale)
  • a pencil and paper, or a template of whatever shape you want to put onto the shirt, or a pre-made stencil
  • scissors to cut your design out of the paper
  • a fabric marker (got mine from Michael's as well)
  • optional, a kitty cat to watch you as you work, lol.
 2. Either draw your design, print out a template, or grab a stencil.
{sorry that the design is hard to see on the paper, I drew it pretty lightly.)

 3. Cut out the design (if it isn't a pre-cut stencil) and position it on your shirt.

 4. Trace around the design with the fabric marker.
Plus, be sure to place something between the two layers of your shirt just to prevent any bleeding.
Hint: you could tape the design down with double-sided tape if you want. I just held mine in place.

 5. Color in the design.

Ta-Da! You're done!

Now walk around with your new shirt and enjoy the surprised reactions on peoples' faces as you tell them that you made the shirt yourself.

 Even Kady was amazed. Lol. Happy Halloween in about 24 days!

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