Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Easter Cookies

Looking for an easy craft this spring? Well, instead of coloring eggs this Easter, why not color cookies? See how my sister and I made some super pretty Easter cookies, swirled with three different colors.

First, decide what kind of cookies you want to make! We decided on Chocolate Chip, so we used this awesome recipe right here. {Forewarning: the cookies don't taste as good once they've been colored, but they're much more fun and festive!}

Follow your recipe all the way until it tells you to scoop the cookies onto a pan. Before putting your cookie dough on a pan, separate it into a few different bowls- one bowl for each different color that you want in your cookie. We did 3, to be exact- our colors were blue, red, and purple.

Once you've separated your dough, pick your colors, and start incorporating the food coloring into the dough. Remember: one color per bowl! If you mix the colors now, your cookies will turn into an ugly color.

After you've done that, take your separate mounds of differently colored dough and throw them all in a big bowl together. Now you can mix and swirl them without the colors bleeding into each other.

Now, I suggest either spraying your pan with a non-stick coating, or placing parchment paper on the pan before you put your dough on it. I used Parchment paper because it is easy, non-greasy, and makes for simple clean-up. Plus, it works every time!

Alright, scoop the cookie dough onto your pan- or parchment paper. I usually use one spoon to pick up the dough and another spoon to help get it off of the first spoon and onto the pan.

{Also, I would suggest not making your cookies too big. My sister made the cookies huge, and they took forever to cook. Plus, they were hard to eat because they were so enormous.}

Once you're done with that, bake the cookies according to your recipe. When they're done, let them sit on the pan for a few minutes, then use a spatula to transfer them to a cooling rack.

After they've cooled, dig in!

Happy Easter!

{The Lord has risen; He has risen, indeed.} c:


  1. awesome cookies! indeed the Lord has risen :D

    1. Thank you! Easter is such a miraculous holiday. :)

  2. These look awesome! Love the pastel colours, how fun.

    1. Thanks! They were so much fun to make. :)

  3. Miranda, I Really Enjoy Reading Your Blog! Please Keep Updating :) You Have A Gift At This! Love, A Friend


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