Thursday, August 30, 2012

Super Simple Cat Toy

I was thinking of toys that I could make not only for the shelter cats, but for my cats at home. I wanted it to be simple so I could make quite a few of the same thing. Then, this suddenly came to my mind!

It is simply a chopstick with yarn tied securely around one end. I have an abundance of chopsticks from Asian restaurants and yarn from my mom's old storage, so I can make many of these for virtually free. Plus, I can use different colors, or try adding feathers or other cat-friendly items later. It was very simple, and yet my cats at home went crazy for it, which was a huge bonus since Oddball is typically scared of all toys, especially new ones.

I just used simple knots to tie each piece of yarn around the chopsticks a few times over. The more knots, the stronger the yarn will hold up during play time. I only had one piece of yarn come undone, but it had only been tied with one knot. It was no problem at all to retie the yarn while adding a few extra knots. Since then, I haven't had any complications. Plus, using different textures of yarn was a huge benefit. Oddball prefers the softer craft yarn, while Kady prefers the rough Christmas yarn.

I'm going to make several of these for the shelter kitties. They are sure to love them! Speaking of the shelter, I got to help a lady take home two beautiful cats today, London (a Tortie) and Stevie (a Tabby). It was such a perfect ending to an overall awesome day.

P.S.: check out Crafting for a Cause to find out more about making toys for the animal shelter, as well as this post to find out more about the shelter with which I am involved. <3

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