Monday, September 17, 2012

What does LittleGrayKitteh mean?

Well, as you may or may not know, my blog here is called Little Gray Kitteh.  You may ask why that is.

I have a very sweet and small cat named Oddball.  She is small, cuddly, and scared of absolutely everything in the world besides me.  It has been that way ever since she was born.  Her mother, Leslie, was the offspring of a Sarah- one of the cat's that we adopted from the streets when my older sister and I were very young.  Sarah and Lucky were siblings.  Sarah was Emily's, Lucky was mine.  Lucky ran away; Sarah had many litters of kittens.  Eventually, our house was overrun with 15 (no joke) kittens, plus Sarah.

Anyway, Leslie was always very skittish and only liked me.  She refused to associate with anyone but me.  So, when she had a litter of kittens, it was a huge struggle.  She was too frightened and weak to take care of them.  Five of her six kittens didn't make it.  <3  Oddball was the only who did.  Oddball and I have a very strong bond.

 {there's more to the story.}

Then, when I was in about eight grade, we brought in Kady (pronounced Kay Dee) - a tabby from the APL animal shelter.

Oddball didn't like Kady; she was scared of her and hissed at her.  So we decided to keep Oddball in my room for a while.  I am now a senior in high school and Oddball is still living in my room.  She likes it though.  She doesn't try to escape, and we do what we can for her.  She even has a sweet little window perch above my bed, which she loves.  (Really, the perch is just a shelf with a blanket on it, but like I said, she loves it.)

 She also has a blanket and bed atop my shorter dresser.  She loves to jump to it, and she sleeps there all the time.

Then, there's a three ring structure that she really enjoys sitting on, using to jump to her perch, and scratching.   The cool thing is that my dad made this three ring thing a long time ago, when Oddball was just a tiny, gray ball of fluff with big green eyes.  Side note: whenever people first see her, they always point out how big her beautiful eyes are. 

Point is, she is happy.  And she means the world to me.  Whenever I cry, she comforts me.  She cuddles with me at night- even when I would rather be sleeping.  She listens to me when I talk to her.  She loves me, and I love her.  She's one beautiful and amazing kitty, and she's always been my best friend.  So that is why this blog is named Little Gray Kitteh.

Psalm 35:1a "Contend, O Lord, with those who contend with me;"

Oddball contends with me, God.  So please contend with her; please give her a long, happy life; please let her understand that I love her so much, and that I would do anything for her; please just keep her in your care and watch over her.

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